Audio for teaching children

Do you ever want to just turn push a button and know your children are entertained AND learning AND no screens are involved? They learn while they listen and dance around! It is really the best! I want to share some of my favorite fun, informative, uplifting audio resources for children. I am not getting payment for any of these recommendations; these are just ones I have loved for a lifetime! Many of these albums were published decades ago which makes them a little harder to find out about, but they are still accessible and relevant today! I put these in order of what I personally would purchase first, but I highly recommend ALL!!!


Stories of Jesus

MY FAVORITE VALUABLE RESOURCE is “Stories of Jesus” music CD by Roger and Melanie Hoffman.  I LOVE this CD because it contains song after song of events of Jesus’ life in such fun, upbeat, meaningful tunes.  The popular song “Gethsemane” is on here.  Some of my other favorites are “Loaves and fishes” “He is Risen” and “See the joy.”  These songs don’t just tell the story but help listeners feel and understand the story.  I will play certain songs at Christmas that go with his birth (See the Joy) and certain songs during the Easter season that go with his death and resurrection or all songs on a Sunday afternoon.  I promise you will not be disappointed.   This entire album will teach and testify of Jesus Christ in a way only inspired children’s music can.  Find it at Deseret Book or at the Hoffman music site.

It is also available on apple music and as digital download from the Hoffmans site.


Scripture Scouts Book of Mormon

I cannot recommend Scripture Scouts highly enough for elementary age and preschool children.  I grew up listening to and singing these songs.  I loved them then and still find meaning in them as an adult! When my children were younger we listened to these songs during the day or as bedtime listening.   These dramatizations help children not only know the names of the scripture characters but also learn the lessons found in the storyline.

In addition to the Book of Mormon Scripture scouts, there are scripture scouts albums for other books of scripture including, the New Testament, Old Testament, the Articles of Faith, and The Family Proclamation, and all available at Deseret Book. I found the Book of Mormon scripture scouts CDs on amazon, and it and the other scripture scouts albums are fore sale on the Desert Book website. Unfortunately, I have not found digital albums though.

A 2021 review of the Book of Mormon Scripture Scouts album: “We have absolutely loved scripture scouts! They have made particularly our car rides fun! Driving to and from grandmas house or longer distances feels different! I can turn them on and know that the entertainment they are getting doesn’t get any better than scripture scouts! The songs are so catchy and teach doctrine and principles of the gospel. We are so thankful for the Hoffman family for taking the time to create such a wonderful resource.” –Haley W. (Mom of a 7, 4 and 6 month old boys)


Would you like your family to listen to songs about the real, the fun, and the ideal family roles with catchy, inspiring tunes?  This is what Scripture scouts sing along—my family and me is all about. I love the powerful doctrine the songs teach–and all about the family!


Power Tunes

I grew up listening to this cassette tape and learned so much from the values each song teaches. We played them while we did our Saturday chores. Particularly the song, “Work like beaver” was great to do our work to.Each song is catchy and and upbeat and teaches important values. This is not a religious music album–just important values everyone child should learn about. For years this album has been hard to locate but there is now a digital download available at Deseret Book. Totally worth it!!

Of course, this list is not complete. I wanted to share some oldies that are still so wonderful. Hopefully I can add more soon, but these are definitely my top picks! Please leave any of your favorites in the comments below.