Holy Week

Events of Holy Week are found in almost 40% of the entire Gospel of John! Each Gospel writer differs slightly in their details of Holy Week; the outline below is a common view of the days of Holy Week. I came up with the word for each day and the title of Jesus; it’s one way to remind us of the many titles of Jesus.

TITLE of Jesus, basic timeline of events, ONE WORD, a couple words & one
scriptural phrase for each day of HOLY WEE

Palm Sunday– King of Israel. Jesus enters Jerusalem. HOSANNA!  (Praise, King) “Blessed is he …. who cometh in the name of the Lord (Mark 11:10)”

Monday – Son of God. Jesus cleanses the temple and curses the fig tree. CLEANSE (Temple, hypocrisy) “My house…is a house a prayer (Mark 11:17)”

Teaching Tuesday – Bridegroom. Jesus teaches in parables. WATCH (Prepare, Seek after) “Ye know me not (Matt 25:11)”

Spy Wednesday/Anointing Wednesday – Anointed One. Jesus is anointed by a woman prior to his burial. Jesus praises her. The chief priests and Judas make a plan for Jesus’ arrest. ANOINT (Betray, compassion) “She hath done what she could (Mark 14:8)”

Maundy Thursday – Servant Leader. Jesus introduces the First Sacrament, eats the Last Supper, washes disciples’ feet, teaches, sings a hymn, enters Gethsemane, asks that the bitter cup be removed, prays in agony, strengthened by an angel, betrayed by Judas, arrested, trial before Caiaphas and Jewish leaders. REMEMBER (Eat, Serve) “Remember me in this hour (Mark 14:24)”

Good/Holy/Atoning Friday – Atoning Sacrifice. Jesus is denied by Peter before the sunrise. Jesus is tried before Pilate and Herod. Barabbas set free, Jesus is whipped, mocked, carries the cross, nailed to the cross, hangs on the cross for 6 hours; 3 hours of darkness, says his 7 last statements on the cross; earthquake; graves open; veil torn in two; Centurion proclaims Jesus is the Son of God; Joseph of Arimathea offers his empty tomb, Nicodemus brings 75 lbs of aloes and myrrh. Women at the cross watch where Jesus body is laid. ATONE (Mocking, Calvary) “It is finished (John 19:30)”

Saturday – Mediator. Jesus body lays in the tomb. Women rest and prepare spices. WAIT (Rested, Prepared) “Prepared…and rested (Luke 23:56)”

Easter Sunday – Risen Lord. Earthquake, Angels come, Roman guards flee; Women run to the tomb very early in the morning bringing the spices they had prepared; Angels declare “He is Risen” go and tell the others. Jesus appears to the Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, to Peter, to the 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus; to the disciples behind closed doors in the evening and eats fish and honeycomb with them. HALLELUJAH! (Risen, Angel) “He is Risen!  Go and tell! (Mark 16:6,7)”

 PDF one page print out of the TITLE of Jesus and one word for each day of holy week above. Enjoy! 

Sister Amy Wright’s 2024 Instagram posts for each day of Holy Week

Here is a PowerPoint file I use to teach about Holy Week. You are welcome to use it (note-it is a very large file!) It highlights events from Palm Sunday to Thursday of Holy Week and includes ideas to help our families learn and feel the scriptural accounts. See my Good Friday page for a ppt just on Good Friday.

Elder Stevenson also said, “I observe a growing effort among Latter-day Saints toward a more Christ-centered Easter. This includes a greater and more thoughtful recognition of Palm Sunday and Good Friday as practiced by some of our Christian cousins. We might also adopt appropriate Christ centered Easter traditions found in the cultures and practices of countries worldwide” (The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told, Liahona, May 2023)

For more ideas on Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter see this Easter page.